Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Its been a LOOONG time!

So its been a loooooooong time! Ive been so busy and have changed roles so I wasnt sure if it was even appropriate that I blog about my experiences on here anymore.
Since my last blog I was deployed again. This time it was for 2 weeks to Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom during the weeks of Christmas and New Years. Parts of that location were outside (the Market,  turkey leg stand, and pizza stand) and there was also Sleepy Hollow where we sold drinks and funnel cakes. I got deployed with a fellow Seasons cast member Porsha and we made the best of the situation. Porsha was bummed to be deployed when she was because her program was over January 3rd so it seemed like she would never work at Seasons again but our managers found a way to bring us back on New Years eve. It was nice because it was a chance for us to say goodbye to alot of people. Me, Porsha, Bryan, Jaime, and Christine were some crying fools at midnight lol.
I came back to work at Seasons for like 1 more week and then was switched over to the Polynesian Resort, more specifically Kona Cafe. At first I was very upset because my Seasons managers had told me id be at Ohana but Im actually happy that turned out to not be true...more on why later.
Along with a new job location came new roommates. This time I was in a 2 bedroom instead of a 3 bedroom so there were only 4 of us. It started out being Me, Jocelyne, Andrea, and Kelsey. Jocelyne then moved out (for reasons we're still not 100% sure of) and we got Amy. This set of roommates got along WAY better than my first set; we would actually hang out with each other and all talk to each other. We even got into this routine where we would watch our 'raunchy television' together in the mornings (Maury, Jerry Springer, Cheaters, and then Tyra) lol.  
Well since then that program has also ended and Andrea became seasonal in childrens activities at Yacht and Beach but has returned to Michigan, Amy is finishing her program as merchandise at Blizzard Beach, Kelsey went back to Illinois but has now moved back to Florida, and I am now seasonal at the Polynesian (working at both Kona and Ohana).
I moved to Clermont. Its FAR from everything but is extra cheap. I moved in with 2 coworkers; Alex and Valeria. and was lucky enough to have a friend with a car he couldnt take back to Jersey with him so he gave it to me (THANKS BILL!!). I have also put in a request to transfer as a part time server so that I can make tips. Those servers at Kona make the same amount as I do working 7 days in 2 or 3!
So thats my life in the past 7 months in a nutshell lol The college program was interesting. Im glad I did it but im also glad its over

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