Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our tub drains!!

Everytime we take a shower we end up standing in our dirty water :-( I feel sick just thinking about it! But the guy came this morning to fix it, I'm soooo happy!

Yesterday was my first day working at my work location in my costume. It was soooooooo much easier than I expected. We get paid to talk to the guests!! I'm used to working at the dining halls at my school where we get in trouble if we stop and talk. I can already tell I'm gonna like it. We also get to do the chicken dance and hokey pokey every day with the kids which def is NOT a bad way to spend the day (especially when you're getting paid to do it!).
It has been sooo crazy out here. Training took up so much time and now working is too. I just calculated it and I'm scheduled for 46.5 hours next week from sunday to saturday! That will def make up for this joke of a paycheck i got today ($30).

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dead Tired

I now see why the vast majority of CPs lose weight! EVERY time I come from work I'm so tired I feel like I've been drugged (I havent!). Disney drains all my energy for some reason. I've skipped sooo many meals because I'll come home from work and my sleepiness will outweigh the grumbling of my empty stomach and I'm too tired to care. I havent even started working in my work location yet! 
Today I had my park orientation. I dont know if I said before or not but I'm at Sunshine Seasons at Epcot which is located in the same building as Soarin. We briefly visited it today and it was VERY busy. Something tells me it wasnt even considered 'busy' because there were a few empty tables. 
This location serves healthier quick service food. While looking around I noticed all of the roasted chicken they were serving. It's a food court style restaurant that allows you to see back into the kitchens and from what I've heard there is absolutely nothing fried being served there. 
During our orientation we got to ride Spaceship Earth, walked around the park, took a boat ride on the lagoon to save us from walking the World Showcase, and saw some videos on the history of EPCOT. Once all of that was done my trainer came to get me and a few other people and took us to get our beautiful [sarcasm] costumes. They're honestly not the worst I've seen but def not something I'd choose to wear all day and night. 
We then got to do more of those boring computer assessments that put me to sleep during my food and beverage class. All of this lasted from 8am- 4:30pm. Once I got home I put my costume in the closet and fell out on my bed. I'm surprised I even remembered to change my clothes lol. 
Tomorrow I'm lucky enough to close and the night after I get to stay til 1am (Lucky me! [sarcasm]). Hopefully it wont be as bad as it sounds, I cant wait to get paid for all my 'hardwork' lol

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hello Orlando!

So I'm all checked in, unpacking the last of my stuff, and just finished traditions and my food and beverage class. I can't believe I'm FINALLY here.
It already seems like I've been here forever and its only been 4 days. For those of you worried about the check in process and everything I can honestly say; dont worry! Everything is so straight forward and laid out for you.
For your arrival at Vista Way do make sure you get there early. I arrived in line at 7:30 and the line was already wrapped around, but I did get the apartment I wanted. When you get to the station to pick your rooming situation know that the person that assigns it to you does not have all options available at their computer. A girl in front of me was told Chatham was full already yet I live in Chatham and I was only given the option of Patterson and Chatham yet I know tons of people that were placed in Vista. I'm sure this is to accommodate as many people as possible.
I was placed on the first bus over to casting right after I was done checking in and happened to sit next to one of my roommates. I got really lucky, all of the girls in our 3 bedroom apartment get along great.
Casting took a long time! The biggest headache for me was fingerprinting. My right ring finger didnt want to cooperate for like 10 minutes but the people are all really patient so it really wasnt a big deal.
Then we got dropped off at Vista and were then allowed to get moved into our apartment. My mom picked me up and we drove straight to Chatham so I could pick my room. I had the option of the room right off the living room, a room with the closet in the bathroom, or a room with the bathroom door going into the hallway and into the bedroom. I chose the 2nd room because I dont want to be kept up by anyone in the living room and I dont feel comfortable with people's guests using our bathroom and having so much access to our room.
A few hours later we had the housing meeting where we were told about what is and isnt allowed and why. One piece of advice: DONT wear flip flops. It's freezing in there! But believe me, you'll appreciate that once you get to traditions...
I had the 12th free and I spent it getting to know my roommates, at the outlet mall down the street from the commons, and by going to the Vista Way pool party. The pool party was interesting lol. We got there early and it got crowded really fast. We met some cool people (like some gorgeous Norwegeian guys) but it got to be too much so we left early.
The next day I had to be on the bus bright and early for traditions because I had the 8am class. It was soooo hard to stay awake, I'm not gonna lie. It was warm in the room so it was the perfect environment for a nap! LOL Me and my roommate kept falling asleep and she said she even had someone come up and wake her up. It was informative though. We got to go into Magic Kingdom and explore Fantasyland (i think) for like 15 minutes. We didnt get on any rides but we did see some 'princesses' getting the royal treatment :-) I ended up winning 2 little Disney figurines. One was for sharing a Disney memory and the other was for being on a winning team. We left Traditions that day with out pass that allows us to get in the parks free and official name tag.
I came back to the apartment, took a nap, and then went to Hollywood Studios for 2 hours. It was pouring so I only found one person to come. I've never understood why people act like theyre gonna melt in the rain but me, my rainboots, and umbrella made it to DHS in one piece and went on Tower of Terror and Rockin Rollercoaster without waiting in lines. The park was pretty much empty, it was great!
I had the day off on Monday and I went to Animal Kingdom, DHS again, and then the Polynesian to watch the final night of the Summer Nightastic fireworks from the beach. I love the Polynesian and was excited to find out we get cast discounts on DoleWhip :-)
Today I had a food and beverage class at Disney University at 8am and once again was struggling to stay awake. We had a great facilitator who LOVES his job. He told us of little magic moments he created for some kids. One example was of a boy in a wheelchair. He overheard the mother telling him she'd try to get him to meet Mickey. He issued the a 'no strings attached' form that allowed them to bypass the line in Toontown to see him. He later found out that this boy was terminally ill and wouldnt make it to the end of the month. I almost cried, it was so sad/sweet. Later we had to log into the hub and take little quizzes on info that was given to us about food safety. It was all on the computer so I got done early and was allowed to get home and take a nap haha.
Looks like me and my roommates are going to the parks again, probably MK or Epcot. Wishes starts again tonight and I cant wait to sing the beginning song lol
Oh, for those of you coming soon, the Electrical Parade has been extended so it will still be here into September and so will Star Tours even though there were rumors that yesterday was the last day before renovations.
I've definitely come to learn that free time does not exist at Disney. This post has taken me like 3 days to write lol I guarantee you'll love it down here despite all the sleepless nights (you'll be so busy meeting people and having the time of your life)

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

This is one of Disney's deluxe villas with rooms starting at $295 per night. This resort is equestrian themed and Victorian style that was inspired by the late 1800s New York retreat that was famous for its spas and horse racing. This resort is broken up into 6 sections: The Springs, The Paddocks, Congress Park, The Carousel, The Grandstand, and the Tree House Villas.

The Tree House Villas stand 10 feet off the ground on pedestals and beams and offer 60 3-bedroom vacation homes.

The 3 bedroom grand villas sleep up to 12 people.

High Rock Spring Pool is the 161,000 gallon pool that features a beautiful waterfall and unique waterslide. Overall there are 4 pools and 2 playgrounds.

QSFB Locations

The Artist's Palette
This location is featured on the Disney Dining Plan, is generally open from 7:30am-11 pm, and is located next to the Turf Club. Mickey waffles, salads, chicken nuggets, sandwiches, and hotdogs are served here.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hidden Mickey

Hidden Mickeys are 'a subtle tribute to Mickey Mouse'. They are hidden all throughout the parks and resorts. A common place to find them are on walls and on the ground. They can be a cluster of three types of flowers, or simple three pebbles situated to resemble the ears of our favorite mouse. There is even a book available at Barnes and Noble that has documented hundreds of them. If I can remember and have a camera on hand I will try to post a hidden Mickey of the week

*No, that's not my tattoo :-)