Saturday, May 8, 2010

Birnbaum's Guide to Walt Disney World

While at Barnes and Noble the other day I stumbled across this cute little guide to Disney World! It's very informative and helpful for anyone looking to go to Disney World soon, whether it's for work or for a vacation. There are lots of bright, colorful pictures and that makes me very happy! I love books with bright pictures, they make me smile for some reason :-)

It is updated every year by fellow Disney lovers and accepts input by readers since they obviously cant know everything about the parks. It features info on rides, shops, places to eat, resorts (owned by Disney and not owned by Disney), and overall Disney entertainment. It's nice because it offers general schedules for those spending one day in a single park. It also offers information about extra activities that many don't realize Disney offers such as hot-air balloon rides, jet ski-ing, surf lessons, and the Robert Petty Driving experience.

Birnbaum also offers guides on the Disney Cruises, and a guide solely focused on Disney dining. Being in QSFB I was very tempted to buy this but decided against it because the guide I purchased offers in depth information about restaurants at all of the parks, resorts, and water parks.
It even has a section where it gives out little awards for the best ___. Examples are: Best Dinner Show- Hoop-De-Doo Musical Review,
Best place to celebrate a child's birthday- Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary,
Best Outdoor Cafe- Portobello's in Downtown Disney,
and Best all around WDW restaurant- the Wave at the Contemporary

Another plus about this guide is that there are some nice coupons included. There are a couple of coupons for tours, resorts, and I'm excited about one that is 15% off lunch or dinner for up to 8 guests at the House of Blues.


  1. I actually bought a copy today because I saw this blog post. I'm doing the Fall CP too.

  2. Yay! I hope you enjoy the book!