Saturday, May 29, 2010

'A Few of My Favorite Things' Magic Kingdom's Mountains

Space Mountain

This ride opened in Magic Kingdom in 1975 but was completely refurbished in 2009. According to it is currently Florida's oldest operating roller coaster. Originally it was called "Space Port" and the original plan was to simply feature a roller coaster in the dark with lighting and other special effects.

Renovations include new, interactive games that last about 90 seconds and can accommodate around 85 people, portions of the track were replaced, and a new ceiling in the dome shell. The loading area is also enclosed and is lit with a soft blue light. The loading area also features windows in the ceiling that 'look out into space' where guests can see planets and stars. Riders also have the option to choose the Alpha track (located on the left) or the Omega track (located on the right). Both tracks feature the same experience but the Alpha track is ten feet longer so that the two tracks can cross.

*There is a photo that is taken while on the ride but it is located at the end of the blue strobe tunnel that is located at the beginning of the ride. not the most exciting position, but the picture feature is a new addition

Big Thunder Mountain

This ride opened in the Magic Kingdom in 1980. It is an indoor/outdoor roller coaster that is located in Frontierland.
According to legend, gold was found on Big Thunder Mountain and settlers moved in to stake their claim. Unbeknownst to them the town was cursed and was a sacred spot to local Native Americans. Shortly after, a flash flood killed all the settlers and ruined the mines. Locomotives were then found racing around the mountain without engineers or crew. This ride allows guests to take a ride in these haunted trains.

Designers were careful to try to make it seem as though the rocks were originally in place and that the train was designed to move around them.

This is the only mountain I have not yet been on but I'm excited to see Disney's creation of the abandoned town of Tumbleweed.

Splash Mountain
This ride came to the Magic Kingdom in 1992 and is located in Fronteirland across from Big Thunder Mountain. This ride was inspired by the movie Song of the South and follows Br'er Rabbit in his search for his 'laughing place'. During his journey Br'er Bear and Br'er Fox become determined to capture him.

This is my favorite mountain and in my opinion should be named 'soak mountain' because I don't know anyone who's only been splashed while riding it :-)

*Insider Tip If you're looking to get completely soaked, sit on the right side of the log

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