Saturday, September 18, 2010

I finally got sick :-(

So I finally got sick :-( And I called in today because my job is crazy and scheduled me for 2 11hours shifts 2 days in a row. They let me go home 8 minutes early yesterday which did absolutely nothing for me lol. I slept allll day today.
Luckily I have people down here looking out for me. One girl switched shifts with me so I would only have to work 6 hours. I still called in but that was real nice of her. Another guy cooked me breakfast and another guy cooked me dinner and gave me some nyquil :-)
My uncle just arrived in Orlando today. He's spending the weekend here and is staying at the All Star Sports Resort. Tomorrow we're heading over to Hollywood Studios at 8am! Anyone who knows me knows that I'm NOT a morning person, but they'll only be here for 2 days and I want them to see as much of the parks as possible. My friend is getting them in free tomorrow and I'm getting them in free on Sunday.

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