Thursday, September 2, 2010

Soooo busy!

I have been soooo busy, it's ridiculous. I was looking back at old posts and started laughing. I love how I thought I'd have time to post a hidden Mickey picture every week and to research dining restrictions throughout Disney. That stuff is definitely NOT going to happen. I barely even have time to get to Walmart to buy stuff I need. (SN, the grill at Sunshine Seasons is all Gluten free, even the gravy).
So obviously I've been getting crazy hours at work, which is good. More hours at work means more money, i just wish I had time to spend it lol.
Peak season is officially over at Epcot. For the past 2 days the ride Soarin has had a wait time of 5-10 minutes. A couple weeks ago I waited more than 2 hours for it. We've also all been getting Early Releases (ERs) from work. I've only gotten one, it was last night and it was only 15 minutes early but still, thats crazy especially because a couple weeks ago we were rushing to close on time.
They finally trained me in something other than the dining room. In the dining room you clean tables, sweep floors, stock the condiment bar, and take out the trash. It is soooo boring, time drags on so slowly. Last week I got trained to work all of the stations; the grill, soup and salad, wok, sandwiches, and bakery. Time flies by when I'm placed there because it's not as boring and you're always busy even if it's just joking around with the cooks. I also think time goes by quicker because the trainers always introduce you to people. When you start in the dining room alot of other cast members will totally ignore you for the whole shift, but in the shops (bakery, grill etc...) they're more likely to talk to you. So because of this I've been hanging out with them outside of work a little bit. I saw them at House of Blues, went out on Tuesday and one guy was there, and then last night I went to dinner with a big group of them. A group of International CPs are leaving tomorrow. I think this batch is all going to Europe. We went to a restaurant that had karaoke and turned it into a little club. Everybody was up singing and dancing. We even had a few of the employees dancing lol.
Anyone who's doing the program with a medical note- youre medical note will arrive after you do. I dont remember if I talked about this before but it took about a week for mine to arrive. Disney had already received it but my work location hadnt. I was still battling with them last week (or earlier this week, it's all a blur to me) about the medical note and what exactly it meant. The good thing is that I talked to enough people (even those other people said didnt matter) so they brought me into the office twice about it and for the past two days they havent even given me the assignment that I have issues with. They even said they'd train me on the registers so that I'll be less likely to get it (I think they were just tired of hearing me complain lol).
On a darker note, one of my roommates already got termed. Another cast member heard her curse while onstage in her costume and told a manager. There apparently were no guests around but she got no warning, she left earlier this week. Moral of the story: Disney doesnt play. Think before you speak and follow the rules!
Tonight is one of the last welcome pool parties. I think there's only one more. I'm excited to see some of the ICPs for the last time and for the free pizza lol. I'm hoping to go see Fantasmic with Megan, Dana and some other people later if my feet dont go numb first :-(  Just one more day til I get a day off :-)

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