Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Epcot stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow and is dedicated to international culture and technological innovation. Opened in 1982, Walt Disney planned for this to become a utopian city of the future. He planned for about 20,000 residents to occupy the city and for it to be a guinea pig for city planning and organization. Automobiles were to be driven underground and monorails were to be used for transportation, leaving the main street for pedestrians. This vision was never achieved because after Walt's death the company decided that it didn't want to be in charge of running a city.

2 sections make up this park: Future World and World Showcase.

Future World is made up of 8 pavilions

QSFB Locations

Fountainview Cafe
Located in Future World next to Fountain of Nations, this restaurant is an indoor/outdoor ice cream shop. It serves various flavors of Edy's ice cream, hand made waffle cones, and ice cream sandwiches. Coca-Cola drinks, tea, and coffee is also served.

Electric Umbrella
This restaurant opens at 11am and is featured on the Disney Dining Plan. Burgers, chicken nuggets, and fruit cups are served.

Sunshine Seasons
This is basically a big food court with many different options for a family full of picky eaters.
Sandwich Shop features a roasted vegetable Cuban sandwich, Black Forest ham and salami grinders, and more.
Soup and Salad Shop features a variety of creative salads including roasted beet and goat cheese. Three different soups are freshly made each day.
The Grill Shop features rotisserie beef, rotisserie chicken, and grilled salmon.
Wok Shop serves noodle bowls and Mongolian beef with jasmine rice.
Bakery features fresh made desserts such as brownies, ice cream bars, and its signature Soarin Creme Brulee. There is also a grab and go section that features items such as cheese plates, salads, sushi, and fruit.


  1. where is the scuba diving in Epcot???

  2. It takes place in the huge fish tank in the Coral Reef restaurant. It's right next to The Seas- the building that has the Nemo & Friends attraction