Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So I logged on today and saw that I now have 10 followers. Yay! So I guess I should update this thing huh? Not much has been going on. I've already been now I just have to wait til August 11th :-)

So to pass the time (155 days!) I've been watching previous and present CPers vlogs and decided that I'm definitely making one when I get down there :-) There are so many good and informative ones but I think my favorite is Ryan O's Disney Show. I can tell he loves his job and it makes me want to love my job!

Being in QSFB it's been hard to find someone who's documented their journey and will give an unbiased review of it but I found a girl named Larkin who does just that! She even wears her hideous costume for the camera, Thanks Larkin! Now I'm actually excited about my role

So today I walked into class, looked up on the board and saw the sign for the Disney presentation next week. I'm excited even though I'm already going. I'm definitely going to see if they'll give me that little sheet they have with everyone's email. You can never have too many resources!

While searching for vlogs I've come across a couple funny youtube videos.
This one is from So Random or Sonny With A Chance, a show i think (you can tell I dont watch the Disney Channel) It's called The Real Princesses of New Jersey

Next is my FAVORITE Lion King moment!

Here's Mean Girls, Disney edition
"It's like I have ESPN or something" HAHA

Here's a cute/funny commercial I stumbled upon

And last but not least here's my FAVORITE Disney commercial

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  1. I did qsf&b on my first program...I'm not really blogging about it now, but you can always message me on facebook, or formspring me!!! - f/b - f/s