Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So while in the college program participants are allowed to stay in housing that is provided by Disney or they can find their own. The nice thing about the housing that is provided is that not only is rent deducted from your paycheck but there is also a bus that will pick you up at your apartment and take you to work and some restaurants ad stores. Since I will be without a car I'm 99% sure I'll be choosing this option.
From what I understand there are 4 options when it comes to Disney Housing: The Commons, Vista Way, Chatham Park, and Patterson Court. You also have the option of 1-4 bedrooms (not all these options are offered at each apartment complex) and they assign 2 people to each bedrooms so you'll ideally be with 1-7 roommates

The Commons
From what I've heard, The Commons is basically full of international students and includes washing machines and dryers inside the apartments. It is also the most expensive option.
I personally think I'll pass on this one. Having washers and dryers in the apartments is convenient but not necessary. I lived in the dorms for 2 years and had so much fun in the laundry room meeting new people and you'll be surprised at how many funny things go on there so....

Vista Way
Vista Way (sigh), where do I begin? First off, from what I've heard it's the cheapest of all the options, is right across the street from a couple of restaurants and stores and is party central (there's even a youtube video about the infamous parties


Once again, I think I'll pass. I've heard that there are so many parties here that they get disruptive to people in other apartments. I'm a hardcore napper and do not look forward to ANYONE interrupting my naps especially if I have to work 40+ hours a week. There are also rumors that if you sit in the hot tub you'll catch herpes HAHA As ridiculous as that sounds I'm not trying to find out if that's true
This doesn't mean you won't ever catch me at a Vista party, just know that I'll be happy to know that I can go to my (hopefully) quiet apartment any time I want

Chatham Park
From what I understand this apartment is in the middle of Patterson and Vista and across from the Mickey's...cast member place (can't remember the name right now). The apartments look pretty big (from what I've seen on youtube) and the appliances seem nice. I believe this was built in like 2001
This is probably the only one I have no problems with so far, oh yeah except the fact that I've heard there's no cable or internet hook ups in the room, but then again after working 40+ hours a week is my tv/laptop really gonna seem that important to me? Something tells me my bed will be the only thing on my mind

Patterson Court
These are the newest apartments, built in 2008 so they're obviously kind of expensive. Unfortunately there is no bus stop at Patterson so you have to walk to Chatham but it's only like 5 minutes away so thats not bad.
From youtube videos that I've seen these apartments are really nice (new appliances and everything) but they are smaller than Chatham. I dont know how I feel about this, is it worth the extra cost for new appliances and less space?

I would really appreciate anyone's input on where I should stay whether you're an alum of theprogram, are going this fall, or just wanna give your 2 cents. Of course I still have like 5, 6 months to officially decide but I like to figure out things like this early

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