Thursday, March 4, 2010

Speed Bump

I haven't yet confirmed my arrival date. I was waiting on a job that I applied for for over the summer. It pays really well and I'm afraid that if I confirm too early I'll miss out because this job requires full availability, I just don't know til which date yet.
In my invitation my deadline to accept is March 6th, I of course immediately accepted and paid my deposit, but did not finish the confirmation. Seeing how March 6th is a few days away I decided that I should go ahead and confirm my arrival and not wait on a job that isn't guaranteed.
So I went to log in and everything yesterday but kept being told to pay my deposit again! I received a confirmation email and have physically seen that the money was taken out of my account. What's going on?
So I called the Disney number, talked to some guy and told him my issue. He gave me tech support's email but of course they left the office before 5pm yesterday so I still havent heard from them.
Hopefully this is just a speed bump and not a sign that me and Disney were never meant to be

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