Friday, March 19, 2010

Disney World Book!

The facebook page for Fall 2010 cpers helps out alot! CPers of the past, present, and future post helpful links and one of the more recent one was of this book titled The Complete Walt Disney World 2010 (thanx Jazmine!).
Requesting locations to work at seems to be on alot of people's minds and this book gives a short listing and description of shops, restaurants, attractions, and resorts and even categorizes it by park. There is also a list of things that are new to the park this year. When it comes to resorts and restaurants it makes it pretty easy to compare prices. I havent picked up the book yet but it seems like it's going for about $17, at least it is at and
Also worth mentioning is an online Disney jukebox (thanx Michelle!). Actually to call it a jukebox is cheapening what it really is, cuz it's much more than that. Through this website you can also chat with other members (you have to sign up, make a screen name, and create a password), post photos and videos, and join groups. You can even have what they call 'pals'. This kind of reminds me of facebook but it has a it's cooler :-) They have the music to all the fireworks shows (well at least the big ones) and music to some of the parades (i forgot how much I LOVE Tapestry of Nations til I heard the music again), music that's played in some of the resorts, and music that's played around the parks including entrance music and some recordings of some rides and a monorail spiel (i think). Even if you're not a Disney nerd (I'm not) I'm sure you'll enjoy it

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