Saturday, July 10, 2010

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

This is one of Disney's moderate resorts and is located near Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Occupying 200 acres, this resort consists of 5 'villages' that each represent a different island (Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Martinique, and Aruba) and a 45 acre lake known as Barefoot Bay. Each of the 'villages' is brightly colored and feature pastel colors, white railings, and bright metal roofs. Because of its size, there are 'internal resort shuttles' that are available to help guests get around. You can call 407-934-3400 for reservations.

This resort has 2,112 rooms, making it one of the largest resorts in the nation.

Of the 2,112 rooms, around 400 have a Pirates of the Caribbean design! The other rooms feature soft, tropical color clusters with Finding Nemo characters on the bedding. Although there is a variation in prices, the most expensive rooms are the same size as the least expensive, the only difference is the desirability of the view from the windows.

Each village has its own pool, one even had a waterfall and slide with an old Spanish Fortress theme.

QSFB Restaurants

This is a food court that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner (usually about 6:30 am-11pm). Calypso music is always played and there are 5 different 'food ports' to choose from.
*Limited room service is available from 4pm-11:30pm

Grab N Go
Pastries, fruit, bagels, pies, salads, cheesecake, sandwiches and ice cream are served here.

Royale Pizza and Pasta Shop
This is an italian-style eatery that serves breakfast food, pizza, and fresh sandwiches.

Montego's Deli
Daily specials are served here ranging from pancakes to Philly cheesesteaks. New York style cheesecake is also served.

Old Port Royale Hamburger Shop
This 'hamburger shop' serves burgers, sandwiches, fries, and mickey waffles.

Bridgetown Broiler Shop
Breakfast platters, made to order omelets, and roasted chicken is available here.

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