Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Renter's Insurance

So the buzz on the Fall 2010 CP facebook group is renter's insurance: do we need it or is it optional?
Well it's official, we need it.

The Disney College Program website says:


Cast Members living in our complexes are required to secure renter's insurance.

Apartment management assumes no liability in the event of fire, water/flood damage, theft or damage to apartment property and/or any belongings of Cast Members who live in our complexes.

The College Housing Department can point you in the right direction, or you can check with your parents' homeowner's insurance if applicable.

Someone called recruiting today and they actually said that if we don't have it at check-in we will be turned away. This is only applicable to those of us who haven't checked in yet, the lucky Fall Advantage people don't have to worry about it.

I'm personally NOT happy about all. Maybe I'd feel different if we weren't in a recession and i had money just laying around for things like this but I obviously don't.

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  1. agreed. complete bullshit. ugh.

  2. Here here!!! Seriously.... this blows major chunks :(

  3. I don't see why they had to make changes just 3 weeks before we all leave.

  4. I emailed housing, and they said, "Proof of insurance will not be verified upon arrival to check-in. We will use the “honor system” with all participants and trust that all will have the appropriate coverage for their individual needs."

    You still need to get it after you move in, if you don't want to be termed.

  5. Ok, Thanx Megan, thats good to know!