Sunday, July 11, 2010

Getting Termed

So today on the facebook Disney CP Fall 2010 group someone wrote that they were just termed (fired) after a random inspection because they had a decorative knife and pepper spray...Disney does not play! They have no tolerance for any kind of weapon, even light sabers, and apparently they feel pepper spray is dangerous.
First of all, for those of you who don't know, while living in Disney CP housing you will have inspections of your apartment. This is when they check to make sure the apartment is clean, you're following all the rules (not hanging up more posters and stuff than allowed), and don't have any weapons or anything illegal. These inspections are usually scheduled and you're given a heads up a couple days before, but as this unlucky girl found out, they have the right to inspect your apartment any time they feel like it. They also have the right to go into your locker that they provide, so just because it's locked up does not mean it's off limits to them.

I read a couple months ago that a whole apartment had gotten termed because someone's mom had come over, cooked, used cooking wine, and left the bottle in a cabinet in the kitchen. Although it was cooking wine and not drinking wine, the whole apartment got termed because it contained alcohol and it was a wellness apartment (under 21, and no alcohol).

Apparently getting termed is one of the easier things to do during the CP. Not knowing that something wasn't allowed does not make them give you a second chance. Here's a list of things I know will definitely get you termed (feel free to add in the comments section if you know any I've missed):
  • getting caught drinking while under age (even off Disney property)
  • alcohol in a Wellness apartment
  • having any kind of weapon (including lightsabers)
  • missing too many days of work
  • threatening a roommate
  • accumulating too many points
  • getting caught at another apartment complex, or with guests in yours after 1 am
Also, dont try to sneak people into the apartment complexes after hours in your trunk, the guards are very aware of this trick and will not hesitate to check lol

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  1. Putting people in the trunk of you car so you can sneak them into your apartment. Yes, I know it sounds stupid, but I've heard it has been done before.

  2. How do you accumulate "points?"

  3. You get 1 point for not showing up to work whether you call in or not. You get a 1/2 point if you clock in late or clock out late. If you forget your id and have to swipe in to clock in you get 1/2 a point...theres lots of different ways. And they all stay on your record card for 6 months