Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another Speedbump?

Just when things seemed to be going smoothly when it comes to Disney (I reserved my hotel room for August 10th and my mom requested time off to drive me down) I get some bad news.
I found out earlier this week that I need my gallbladder removed. I've never had surgery so I've been freaking out. I always thought the pain I was feeling was from my lungs because my rib cage would hurt and the pain would always start right before I had an asthma attack. Turns out the asthma was caused by me freaking out because I was in so much pain.
Anyway, I called Disney to let them know about the surgery and to see if it will stand in the way of my coming down and they said that since I won't meet with the surgeon until July, I'll either have to try for a later arrival date or I might have to wait until next spring to do my program :-( But since I graduate in August I wont be eligible for the program...
I don't NEED it removed right away, I'm not in pain 24/7, but the problems I'm having could cause it to be infected...
I dunno, everything happens for a reason right? At least I have some time to figure things out

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  1. Oh, that sucks! It's good that you're not in pain, so maybe you could talk to the doctor about waiting a few months to have it removed? I hope it wouldn't be risking your health, though. Whatever you decide to do, I hope it works out and your surgery goes well! :)

    ~ Anna