Wednesday, June 30, 2010

World Showcase

No conversation about Epcot is complete without the World Showcase. Disney's plan was not to completely represent each country, but to capture its essence, make it a representation of how guests would remember it if they've previously visited the featured country. Many cast members employed in the shops and restaurants and even street performers are natives of the countries they represent, adding to the authenticity of the park.

QSFB Locations

Cool Post
This refreshment port is located between Germany and China and features soft drinks, beer, hotdogs, and ice cream with waffle cones.

This country does not have any QSFB locations


Cantina De San Angel
This window is located just outside the entrance to Mexico's pyramid, this restaurant serves nachos, margaritas, soft drinks, burritos, and tacos. Seating is strictly outdoors.


Kringla Bakari Og Kafe
This Norwegian restaurant serves kringlas (sweet pretzels), smorbrods (sandwiches such as smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, roast beef, and chicken salad), heart shaped waffles topped with powdered sugar and jam, Norwegian school bread, rice pudding, apple danish, strawberry cheesecake, and a soup of the day. Seating is outdoors under a grass thatched roof.


Lotus Blossum Cafe
Located near the Yong Feng Shangdian shopping gallery, this restaurant features food cooked on a flat grill as opposed to stir fried. Food includes beef noodle soup, egg rolls, sesame chicken sald, and orange chicken with steamed rice.


This restaurant is located at the back of the pavilion and serves cheesecake, German wines, soft pretzels, frankfurters with sauerkraut, and bratwurst sandwiches.

United States

Fefe & Drum Tavern
Located in front of the Liberty Inn, this American restaurant serves turkey legs, pretzels, popcorn, frozen lemonade, and hot dogs.

Liberty Inn
This American restaurant features all the stereotypical American dishes (hamburgers, french fries, and chicken strips) along with veggie wraps, chicken sandwiches, and apple cobbler. This location also features a kosher option.


Yakitori House
This restaurant is located in a replica of the 16th century Katsura Imperial Summer Palace in Kyoto and is located near a garden that guests can also enjoy. The menu consists of teriyaki chicken, sushi, tempura shrimp, and Japanese beef curry.


Tangierine Cafe
This restaurant is named after the Moroccan city of Tangier and serves rotisserie beef, lamb, and chicken presented as sandwiches, baklava, hummus, lentil salad, and meatball platters.


Boulangerie Patisserie
This is a french bakery and pastry shop that serves baguettes, croissants, eclairs, fruit tarts, quiches, chocolate mousse and more. The chefs from Chefs de France manage this restaurant as well. This location gets tons of traffic so to avoid the lines guests are advised to stop by as soon as the park opens or during IllumiNations.

United Kingdom

Yorkshire County Fish Shop
This is a walk up window that is located next to the Rose & Crown Pub. It serves fish & chips and beverages.


This is the perfect place to grab a snack and refreshment. This restaurant sells fries, chicken nuggets, and shakes.

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