Tuesday, June 1, 2010

'A Few of My Favorite Things' Richard Petty Driving Experience

For as long as I can remember Need For Speed has been my favorite video game, I'm excited Disney gives people the chance to jump in a car and race around the track themselves!

Located next to the Magic Kingdom parking lot toll plaza and open since 1995, The Richard Petty Driving Experience gives guests the opportunity to drive 8, 18, or 30 laps themselves or to jump in the passenger seat as a professional driver does 3 laps at speeds of up to 165 MPH on the mile long tri-oval race track.
Drivers must be able to operate manual (standard) transmission and guests under the age of 18 must get a parent's permission to participate.

Different Experiences have different costs
  • Ride-Along
This program costs $99 and opens one hour after the day's first driving class. Not only is this available on days the other driving experiences are offered, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursdays from 9am-4pm is set aside exclusively for ride-alongs.

Reservations are not allowed except for during special events and Race Weekend Ride-Alongs, guests can simply walk up to the track on the day they wish to participate. Ride-Along gift cards can be purchased by calling
1.800.237.3889 and do not expire nor are they refundable. Guests must be at least 14 years old to participate in this experience.

  • Rookie Experience
This allows you to drive 8 laps and costs $449. Prior to this you must go through 2 elements of safety/instruction training, in-car and on-track instruction. Afterwards you will receive a graduation packet that includes a time sheet with a breakdown of each lap time and a highlight of your top speed. This program lasts about 3 hours. Here's a general itinerary
  • Kings Experience
This package allows you to drive the 8 laps along with an additional 10 laps of increased speed and excitement. You must also go through the 2 elements of safety/instruction training; in-car and on-track instruction. Between driving sessions you will receive one-on-one feedback from the Pit Road Instructor and on-track driving instructors. Once you're done you will receive a graduation packet that includes a time sheet with a breakdown of each lap. This program lasts about 3 hours. Here's a general itinerary and the cost is $849
  • Experience of A Lifetime
Participants get to enjoy 3 driving segments of 10 laps each. This allows them to improve their skills, increase their speed, and encourages the fact that this could become a career. This experience takes about half a day and costs $1,299. As with the previous experiences, drivers must go through 2 elements of safety and instructions training, in-car and on-track instruction before being allowed to drive. Between each of the 3 driving sessions, drivers will receive one-on-one feedback from the Pit-Road Instructor and additional instruction from the on-track driving instructors. Once they're done, they receive a graduation packet with a time sheet and a break down of each lap.
  • Speedway Challenge
This program allows guests 5 sessions of 10 laps each, a Ride-Along, a shop tour with tech talk, and lunch with an instructor and Crew Chief. This program is exclusive to the Walt Disney World Speedway and costs $2,099. This is only available during certain times/dates and reservations must be made at least 7 days in advance. Check-in for this is at 9:30am with the program starting at 10am.

Call 800-BE-PETTY or go to the website for more information or to make reservations

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