Wednesday, June 16, 2010

'A Few of My Favorite Things' Tower of Terror

This attraction was based on the television show The Twilight Zone. Creators watched every episode of The Twilight Zone twice to make sure the ride did the series justice.
Guests are told that lightning struck the Hollywood Tower Hotel and that an entire wing of the hotel disappeared after the lightning caused an elevator full of passengers to be transported to the Twilight Zone. Guests are invited to discover the secret of the hotel by boarding the last working elevator in the basement's boiler room.
Each trip gives riders a different experience since Imagineers have recently added 4 random sequences of drops and rises to the ride. Each sequence include one fake drop, meant to scare riders, along with full drops.
Full drops might seem like they last forever but they literally only last 2 seconds. Note: riders do fly out of their seats, but are held down by seat belts.

*RANDOM FACT: Because of FAA regulations that require that a fixed red light beacon be added to the top of any structure 200+ feet tall, the Tower of Terror is only 199 feet tall

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