Thursday, June 17, 2010

'A Few of My Favorite Things' 'The American Idol Experience

This attraction was inspired by the television show of the same name. This gives guests a chance to show off their singing skills to judges and maybe even a studio audience.

When guests (age 14 and older) arrive to the park they request a limited pass to audition for the attraction's judges. They are then either turned away or allowed through. If they make it all the way through they are allowed to perform with two other performers at a preliminary show (lasts about 25 minutes) where 3 judges decide which one makes it to the final show of the day (lasts about 45 minutes). The winner at this show then receives the ultimate Fastpass; they're guaranteed a chance to sing in front of the judges of the television show!

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Here's a more thorough explanation of the audition process:

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