Tuesday, June 22, 2010

'A Few of My Favorite Things' The Magic of Disney Animation

This attraction features a 20 minute show that allows guests an inside look at the process of creating animated characters.
Mushu from Mulan helps the guide explain the length process involved. Once the video is done, guests get a chance to briefly speak with their guide and then get a chance to join in a workshop and help bring some Disney animation to life!

Animation Academy-- At this Mickey themed animator table, guests can create their own Disney character while under the guidance of a Disney artist. (This takes about 15-20 minutes)

The Sound Stage -- In this hands-on activity, young animators can play with various sound effects and create their own soundtrack for an animated scene.

Digital Ink and Paint -- As these workstations you can add color to an animated scene, and create your own atmosphere.

Animation Gallery - On display are copies of the Academy Awards won by Disney animators, along with drawing from famous films. Animation cels, books, and other collectibles are also for sale here.

You're a Character -- In this booth, you can visit with Lumiere (of Beauty and the Beast fame), who will ask you a series of questions and tell you which Disney character you are most like.

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